New ‘Flower’ or ‘Corn Planting’ Moon Gathering Circle

The Men’s New Moon Circle is a 90-min gathering of men and non-binary people who identify as male each month at or on a date near to the New Moon. To help foster a positive and balanced masculine energy, this circle offers the opportunity to learn more about and reflect upon the spirit and substance, heart and mind of being a man.

Over the seasons we will explore the importance of balancing self-determination with compassion for both self and others, of listening as well as speaking with integrity. Attendees will have the opportunity to share experiences and support one another in creating a positive vision for growth in the month ahead. It is a time of reflection, meditation, making good intentions, and fostering community.

Here are details concerning the next circle, the New Flower / Corn Planting Moon Gathering for Men

date:         Sunday, May 5th, 2019
time:         12:00 pm to 1:30 pm
location:  MiBody Health and Fitness, 2788 Lake Shore Blvd West, Etobicoke
                  Please RSVP (there is limited space) if you wish to attend: contact me
                  The door will be open at noon and then locked once we begin at 12:10 pm, so please arrive on time.

This is the third of three moons of spring. The abundance of flowers this month reveals to us when conditions are good for pollination. The world is fertile and ready to receive our seed.

This is a good time of year to not only plant but commit to our intentions. You may have heard the expression, ‘does it grow corn’? This is a way of saying observe what comes of our effort, whether it feeds ourselves and our communities. Some of our intentions are wise while others are inexperienced and doubtless will fail. We should not fear failure nor look for guarantees that we will be rewarded. Later in the year we will see how high our corn grows, and we will learn from that. For now, though, commit to the best choices we see before us.

So have the courage to strive while remaining humbly open to the possibility of failure. Through the cycle of trying, failing, and learning, we begin to align ourselves with Nookomis, Mother Earth, and Gitche Manitou, Great Spirit. We are all children in Great Spirit’s eyes. Like a child, we must jump at opportunity in order to learn and grow.

Embrace the trust and innocence of the child this month.

Reflection / prayer for the month:

I bravely jump with the exuberance of a child, expressing love for life itself and gratitude for the opportunities before me. May I be receptive to the truth that my efforts reveal, humbly learn from my mistakes, with the honesty to take responsibility for my actions and care to protect others from them. May each seed of corn I plant, whether it grows or fails, bring me a step closer to the maturity and wisdom I seek.

Drumming is included. Bring your own hand drum (North American indigenous style, not African/djembi). If you don’t have one, there will be a few rattles and one or two extra hand drums available, and you can always join in the songs without a drum. No experience necessary.

There is no fee. You may wish to bring the gift of a small amount of loose tobacco. We also welcome voluntary donations that will be divided between LAMP Community Services that offers programs and services to meet the health needs of the community, and Women’s Habitat, which supports women and their children in their right to live free from violence and abuse.

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