By Robert Johnson

Harper Collins, 1983

Robert Johnson provides insight from a Jungian analytic perspective on the phenomenon of romantic love. He walks us through the tragic relationship between Tristan and Iseult, one of the earliest romance tales, to recognize the futility and cost of seeking transcendence through a person other than ourself. This is a book I frequently recommend to clients who consistently experience dissatisfaction in relationship and wish to break their pattern of serial monogamy (or of having affairs). Tristan represents the archetypal wounded male seeking to fill an emptiness within himself through his relationship to the other-worldly Iseult. Real relationship is not found, the opportunity for real happiness lost. As tragedy often presents, this is a cautionary tale. Johnson is an excellent writer and psychotherapist, adept at using story to illuminate the human condition and our opportunity for growth.

~ Stephen Douglas, 2009