Stephen Douglas has extensive experience providing services to a variety of organizations and companies. We would be glad to meet with you and discuss your own specific needs. Here are some possible services:

Stephen provides in-house workshops to help employees learn to communicate effectively, handle anger (self and other’s), resolve conflict and manage stress, either as Lunch ‘n Learns or a Half-Day Presentations.

Keynote Topics
We can also provide your corporate or conference with a dynamic keynote presentation on a wide range of topics, such as
• Effective Communication… (name your corporate/organizational activity here, e.g. … in Delivering Home Health Care)
• Co-empowerment: the Path to Successful Collaboration
• Good Stress: the Magic of Challenge and Change
or another topic tailored to meet the theme of your event.

Employee Counselling and Consultation
Counselling reduces employee absenteeism and turnover by addressing difficult problems before they affect the business, improves team morale by valuing what employees do and responding their needs, and contributes to an overall positive customer or client impression.

Counselling can be arranged for employees having emotional, relationship, and other personal problems. The most common issues dealt with include depression, anger, and anxiety, marital and relationship problems, family and parenting concerns. All services are kept confidential.

Consultation is also available to help you respond to employee conflict (employee-employee, supervisor/manager-employee) and communication (within teams and with difficult customers).

Train the Trainer
Do you have a larger organization with regional hubs and a dedicated resource staff at each? In custom-tailored seminar format, Stephen can provide your corporate regional personnel managers with the skills to deliver effective training to employees across the country in stress management, mindfulness, effective communication, and conflict resolution, specific to your concerns and requirements.