Online Therapy

“The power of the web is in its universality.”
— Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web.

What is online therapy?
Online therapy is a psychotherapy relationship established through the use of secure online videoconferencing tools. Online therapy allows those who may not be able to access psychotherapy or counselling services to receive treatment from the comfort of their own location, providing the same level of care that you would receive from an in-office appointment.

Stephen offers appointments through On Call Health. It is a secure platform — end-to-end encrypted, PHIPA and PIPEDA compliant — used by organizations like CAMH, Homewood, and Shoppers Health Solutions. All you require is a private space to use and your own personal computer/laptop. It is an easy platform to use: you will receive a link by email and after following a few straightforward instructions, you are ready to go.

Many clients using On Call have reported that they appreciate the ease of access through video counselling.

What are the benefits of online therapy?

  • Accessible service — Online therapy provides service for those who may not otherwise be able to receive counselling or psychotherapy services, including those who live in a remote area without access to competent psychotherapeutic or counselling services, who are on an extended absence and wish to stay connected, who have physical mobility issues and find it difficult to leave their homes, or who, for other reasons, may not be able to make it into the office for an appointment.
  • Convenience — For those whose work hours or conditions prohibit them from attending in-person, online therapy allows these individuals to create their own secure environment for their session.
  • Privacy — For a number of reasons, some individuals have greater privacy needs. Online therapy can provide the same effective psychotherapy while maintaining privacy in those circumstances.
  • Effectiveness — Studies have shown that online therapy is as effective as traditional in-person psychotherapy or counselling.

What do I need in order to access online counselling?
All that you require is a computer with webcam in a secure, comfortable location and secure, private access to high-speed internet connection.

Please note, do not use public wi fi for online counselling.