Couples Counselling

“A lot of conflict is about the conversation the couple never had but needed to have.”
— John M. Gottman

The beginning of a relationship is usually exciting and hopeful, it’s the romantic stage of a relationship. At this point we are imagining some wonderful things about one another. Somewhere along the way, however, the illusion dissolves and we begin to see the differences that exist between us. They exist between any two people, but with someone we are sharing our life with this requires effort to resolve. That’s when couples counselling, also referred to as marriage counselling or relationship counselling, is helpful.

Love reveals what needs to be healed. Only, it’s not your partner’s job to heal you. That unconscious fantasy alone is the single greatest obstacle to discovering happiness in relationship.

Couples counselling offers those in relationship the opportunity to replace negative patterns such as blame, distance or resentment, and control with positive alternatives – open, co-empowered dialogue. It is also a safe and positive environment to address complex issues negatively affecting the relationship, including abuse, addictions, or infidelity.

Stephen provides insightful relationship therapy, helping each partner communicate openly while learning how to resolve conflict and improve intimacy. When working with couples, he draws from his training and experience working with several paradigms — Satir Family Systems, Imago Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and Transactional Analysis — that all converge on the essential need to replace blame with honest, vulnerable contact.